Placing an order is simple and fun!

All you have to do is:

1. Have a Paypal Account.

2. Choose what you would like to buy.

3. Send an email with the subject; "ART" to:

4. Tell me in that email what art you would like to buy.

5. I'll reply with the name for the Paypal account and an invoice.

6. Pay and send me an address.

7. The Art should arrive in a week! (Customs, Replicas and Pez may take 2 weeks before shipping is possible, due to having to make them (Vampiras, belt buckles, etc...)

It may be a bit more than a simple click and ship. But, this way is more personable, the way art should be.


Or just click below and add the item codes under "Description":

Item Codes:

ART PRINTS:                   Code                                                                 Code

Poltergeist:                                                     PLTRPRNT                 I   Jaws:                                                                       JAWSPRNT          

Joker:                                                               JKRPRNT                   I   Ash of Evil Dead:                                                   ASHEDPRNT       

Morticia Addams:                                           MORTADPRNT          I   Bettie Page:                                                           BTEPGPRNT        

Frankenstein's Monster:                               FRNKPRNT               I   Freddy Krueger                                                     FRDYPRNT           

Bride Of Frankenstein's Monster:               BRDOFPRNT             I   Bub of Day Of the Dead:                                      BUBPRNT            

Leather Face:                                                 TCMPRNT                   I  Creature from the Black Lagoon:                       GLMNPRNT          

Vincent Price:                                                 VNCPRCPRNT           I   Toxic Avenger:                                                        TXCPRNT            

Elvira:                                                               ELVPRNT                    I   Vampira:                                                                   VMPRAPRNT     

Nosferatu:                                                       NOSFRTUPRNT        I   Chucky:                                                                     CHKYPRNT       

Phantom of the Opera:                                 PHTMOPRNT             I   The Cryptkeeper:                                                    CRYPTPRNT      

Jason Voorhees:                                           JSNPRNT                   I  Pumpkinhead:                                                          PMPKNPRNT     

The Tall Man:                                                 TLMANPRNT               I   Pennywise of IT:                                                     ITPRNT                

The Fly:                                                            FLYPRNT                    I   Tura Satana:                                                            TURAPRNT        

Dracula:                                                           DRCLAPRNT             I   Pinhead of Hellraiser:                                            PNHDPRNT       

Zombie Romero:                                           ZMBROMROPRNT    I   Karen Cooper of NOTLD:                                       NOTLDPRNT    

Marv:                                                                  MRVPRNT                  I   Jay & Silent Bob "Loitering"                                   J&BLTRPRNT   

Michael Myers:                                                MMYRSPRNT             I   "Nymphibian" Raphael                                           NYMPHRPRNT

Evil Dead's Sheryl:                                         EVLDSHRLPRNT      I   "Nymphibian" Donatello                                         NYMPHDPRNT

Dr. Herbert West:                                           DRWSTPRNT             I   "Nymphibian" Michelangelo                                  NYMPHMPRNT

The Shining:                                                    SHNGPRNT               I   "Nymphibian" Leonardo                                         NYMPHLPRNT

BUTTONS                        Code                                                                 Code

Toxic Avenger:                                                  TXCBTN                     I   Karen Cooper of Night of the Living Dead          NOTLDBTN       

The Shining:                                                     SHNGBTN                 I   Joker:                                                                         JKRBTN             

Pinhead of Hellraiser:                                     PNHDBTN                I   Freddy Krueger:                                                        FRDYBTN          

Nosferatu:                                                         NSFRTUBTN            I   Vincent Price:                                                             VNCPRCBTN  

MAGNETS                        Code                                                                 Code

Jason Voorhees:                                             JSNMAG                     I   Phantom Creeps:                                                     CRPMAG          

Predator:                                                            PREDMAG                 I   Evil Dead Necronomicon:                                       EVLDMAG        

Army of Darkness Necronomicon:                AODMAG                   I   Deadpool:                                                                   DPMAG