Erich Claude Polnow (pronounced /paul-no/ born Sept. 2 1982) is an American illustrator, painter, sculptor, and writer who lives in his native state of Wisconsin.

Interested in art as soon as he could pick up a utensil to make some, he began drawing at an early age. Becoming engrossed in comic books and horror movies, before exploring deeper literacy and then returning to comics and horror hoping to create what he referred to as "horror literature".

Early on, he worked primarily in pen and ink before losing a collection of works. Years later he began to fall in love with color and depth. He moved from black and white inks to full color pastels and paintings. After becoming comfortable with these he expanded into sculpture. He made action figures and moved toward pez dispensers to critique his technique before allowing his art to grow in size.

During all of this time another deep interest of his had been language, expression, and prose. He combined his teenage poetry and punk-rock songwriting with his verbal story telling before comprising what could be considered legitimate writing.

He finished writing his first  novel in 2009. He is currently drawing illustrations for it before attempting to get it published and hopes to one day adapt that into a film. He is also writing a comedy book and working on another focusing on philosophy.

He still resides in his Fox Valley home with his wife and occasionally writes dirty jokes and limmericks for various smut magazines.

His Joe-job is working at a corrugated shipping material factory and does freelance stone masonry on the side.

He is also always (never) available for commissions on occasion. But, I wouldn't wager on anything in 2012. He's working on completing and publishing that book.


How my mind works.

This is gonna require a bit of effort and patience on your part. But bare with me. It is very much worth your time. And it will give you a little bit of insight on the bleak, dark, and yet humorous way that my brain and imagination works. Seriously, worth your time.

First off, you have to click on the music video for Slipknot's "Vermillion Part 2".

Got the video? Good. Now mute that before you even hit play.

Secondly. Pull up the music video for Talking Heads' "And She Was". The following will give you perception on how I interpreted the song. Not what it's really about (look it up on Wikipedia and you'll see that it's really about a girl tripping. BORING!)

Got that video up? Good. Now is where the tricky comes in.

With Slipknot on mute, hit "play" and start counting to 7. While counting, switch over to the Heads' video. When you reach 7 hit play on "And She Was"  (so, the music is playing.)

Then, scrol back to the muted music video and watch THAT video with Talking heads music playing.

Enjoy. Hopefully it made you laugh with a few chills down your spine.

This would've bee a lot easier if I could piece them together, but... oh, well. (P.S. The reason I have the Talking Heads video so small is that, HOPEFULLY, it will allow both to play without lagging or slowing either. And so you can scroll the Heads video out of frame when watching.