2 Dimensional Commissions

    3 Dimensional Commissions

    Rictus Grin

ocal to the Fox Valley there is a band called "Rictus Grin". I started working with them in 2006 when a bunch of us helped make their first music video "Lifeless" for the "Living the Dream" Album. I helped with props and design.
After that I sort of became their artist for their follow up album "Resurrection" in 2007. And I helped again with another video for it's title track. This time I lent a bigger hand as far as costumes, props, make-up, and effects. Both are posted below. I later did more art for their Live Album entitled "Townies" which came out in 2011. And completed more artwork for their upcoming Studio album "Mausoleum" as well as another piece for the track entitled "Plank".


Demolition Derby

For the past couple of summers, I've been hired by some pretty great gear heads to fancy up their mutilation machines for the demolition derbies. They come up up with the theme and I fulfill their dream.