This past November, I unveiled to the world, the largest project I have ever tackled, called...



           It's a post-zombie apocalyptic horror/fantasy novel complete with over 20 illustrations and a story that will blow your mind, along with interesting characters, enjoyable dialog, and scenarios never before imagined.

            It's something that I've spent a lot of time off and on over the past decade and would be pleased if you ordered a copy and gave it a read. I took a lot of risks and I feel that there is something really special and original going on with this project.

Paperback, 386 Pages, 21 Illustrations, Ages 18+

Only $15.00 + $5.00 Shipping and Handling

Description below.

One copy of the novel TO THE END signed by the author and artist Erich C. Polnow. Regularly Retails for 19.99 Personalized inscriptions can be made upon request on the Paypal Page.

          I… vaguely recall a time when humankind’s worst fear was Armageddon. Then, one day, the dead got up and made us reassess the order of the food chain.
          When all was said and done, the apocalypse had come and gone, but it left us very few and with a whole new existence.
          Y’see, revelations was just the beginning. Now, survival means being alive amongst the ever present threat of the living dead.

          On top of that, try rebuilding something that resembles civilization.
          But, we manage alright. And been doing so for about thirty years. It ain’t been easy, by any means, but this city stands on her own two feet as long as everyone in it pulls their weight.

          Life is now a re-adapted primal struggle to not only remain alive, but to feed off of the histories of what once was so that we may one day put an end to this waking nightmare and never repeat the mistakes of our past.
          We strive to rekindle the world of old before the very idea of “final death” leaves with the last person that remembers it. Each day brings new challenges to overcome. And we aim to see it through to the end.

And to give people a little taste of what it is before the release, I dreamt up this short story to help introduce readers to these people and places that I've created.

            Sort of like a single or sampler for a band's album.   
            I hope you enjoy sinking your teeth into this intro to the world where I have spent so much time over the cour
se of many years. I also hope you like it enough to pick up a copy and see it through... to the end!
           But, in the meanwhile, I present to you...